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Here at ZILLION, we utilize our extensive experience and knowledge of worldwide film exploitation to enable
  • Sales Agents
  • Producers
  • Film Rights Owners and Investment Firms
  • Film Library Custodians
to realize and preserve the true value potential of their films.
From film sales & distribution to film rights management, collections, exploitation tracking and revenue maximization, we help you get the most out of your films.
About the Managing Director
Lukas Handschin has been working in the film industry for over 17 years. During this time he gathered experience in all aspects of the life of a film, from financing to production to distribution and exploitation.

He facilitated and administered cross-border film tax transactions, served as film consultant and advisor to international investors and producers on medium to high budget films, and acted in the role of production supervisor and coordinator.

For the last 10 years he has been managing international sales and distribution rights, as well as related participations and collections. To date, he has been involved in $68M+ worth of sales.
We enthusiastically offer the following sales services:
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ZILLION assists with finding buyers for film rights for unsold and expired rights. We have extensive worldwide distributor contacts and can identify suitable parties for a particular film or set of rights.
We act as a liaison and handle rights and other inquiries from distributors, sales agents and third parties. We manage all the related documentation distributors, collection agents and third parties require, such as NODs, invoices, certificates of residence, certificates of origin and other title related documents.
ZILLION represents and sells films outright, at the most favorable deal terms.
We are looking for suitable product to represent, in the form of both new and library titles.
ZILLION can consult on configuring and improving distribution agreements to ensure that they contain an optimal set of provisions for peace of mind when making sales.
We meticulously perform the following revenue services:
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ZILLION works with domestic and international distributors to ensure that all distribution related receivables are collected in a timely manner.
We track distributor debt positions and advise of delinquencies, so that the value of the affected rights can be preserved and maximized.
ZILLION procures and analyzes ultimates and distribution statements to ensure that they adhere to the contractual waterfalls. We address unusual or prohibited expenses, and work with distributors to clarify or correct the statements in order to maximize distribution revenue.
We monitor audit rights on all distribution deals and advise before participation statements vest in order to preserve the right to audit crucial revenue and expenses for maximum benefit.
ZILLION performs analysis and modeling of the worldwide participations waterfalls, as well as approximate revenue estimations. This enables us to identify likely additional revenue to you in the form of gross corridors, fees, bonuses, overages and other sources, allowing targeted follow-ups to secure such revenue.
We perform comparable films analyses for advance revenue estimation if actual box office numbers are not (yet) available, to get an early picture of potential additional future revenue.
ZILLION monitors the collection account waterfall and assists the collection agent with incoming payments and outgoing disbursements. If no collection agent is involved and you revenue is received directly, we can model the payout waterfall for purposes of calculating participations disbursements to beneficiaries.
We comprehensively provide the following
rights management services:
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ZILLION analyzes all distribution deal parameters relevant to overseeing and tracking Production, Delivery, Distribution and Exploitation Elements, distilling them into a comprehensive overview. Having all these elements always up to date and at your fingertips will allow you to make well-informed and quick exploitation related decisions.
ZILLION analyzes and tracks the licensed worldwide rights in detail. On a territory by territory basis, you will be able to: instantly identify and approve new sales opportunities; track the lifting of exploitation holdbacks to promote early exploitation; track rights expirations to timely extend or re-license rights for additional revenue; track release dates; identify due and overdue participation statements; keep an eye on termination rights and audit rights – and much more.
The sooner we can help you with your film sales, revenue and rights management, the greater the opportunities to maximize the opportunities for your film.
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